Tuesday, December 4, 2012

post 10

this is my last post from the english class, today i going to write about  the experience of the write in this blog for the class.
i think is very important to learn english in the university, because in the last years, this language has become in something necessary for the better development of the Technical of work. the people who knows the english language has a better opportunities of get  a job better paid, becuase the globalization need a common language.
Use the blogs for write thinks is necesary for the learning process, the written part is useful for when you need send mails to people who live in other countrys. 
I like to listen music in english, and i love see in te laptop, series of  United States i learn a lot of  english language watching this series.
For me, the most difficult part of study english is the pronunciation, when i try talk in english is hardly enounce the words correctly, for the other peoples is difficult to understand me. i think is important practice to talk in english always i can, this is the best way to improve my lack in the english class.
when i see the series is important to me trying doing without the subtitle, because i need to focus my mind in understanding the conversations of the characters. Also, i like to listen music in english,  i like artist like James Blunt, Rihanna, and groups like coldplay or oasis. When i  listen the music, if i don´t understand the letter of the songs, i like to find out in internet what is the meaning of the letter

In my future, i like to study more the english language, because i thinks that maybe i'm gonna need to know the lenguage very well, specially if a want to travel for the world.

Monday, December 3, 2012

post 8

I spent a lot of money because i didn’t be worried about the amount of that. In fact, I spend my
money in beverages or food, or minor things.

I don’t have shopping habits because I don’t like the shopping. I used to go shopping when I was a
child because I like the toys section, but now I think that we need other events or places that must
be without roof, like the fairs or free fairs.

I think that I’m a consumer because I have spent a lot of money in cigarettes. Also, I’m a
shopaholic because I used to buy things, but little things, like confectionary.

I’m agreeing with the marketing strategies of the cigarettes, because they have to talk about
secondary effects causing the cigarettes, and in our country, they have a specific tax. On the other
hand, I don’t like the alcohol market because we have a flexible law, that is only worried about the
hour when I can’t buy alcohol or the quantity of alcohol that should be in my body.

I’m a person that wants to change our economic model. I think that our society is potentially
influenced for the capitalism. Every year, we are acquiring new needs, and then, this needs
become basic needs, the smartphones, notebooks, for example. In specially our country, the
people are connected more time in the electronic needs. Also, we can see the social injustices
that have been done in our people prioritizing the companies. For example, we can talk about the
Freirina situation, where the Agrosuper Company prioritizes the profits over the people that live in
those places.

Finally, I would like to say that I think that the people don’t realize that the system is controlling us
because we didn’t evaluate our daily actions, because we think that is normal.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

today i going to write about my future job.
I study public administration, i'm thinking of taking a major in science politics, becuase i like the politics, i want to learn about the political processes, both in Chile and in the world. in my career, i can chose between science politics or public management, the most part of the student prefer public management, becuase is more easy get a job in the future. In my opinion is more interesting the science politics, but i know that maybe  is harder when i need to get a job, but i hope my plans can be.
I hope to get a job in a ong of education, or maybe i can work in a foundation for help people to need more resources. if a don´t have any of this job, i can work in a hairdressing, because before  to study public administration, i I worked in a hair salon, becuase i love cutting hair and do hairstyles.
when i need chose a job, is important the component human of the people to work with me, I would be in a pleasant environment, because this is important for get a best job. also to the most  important of my future job is the social part, i like to help people in troubles or who are unable to study.
the salary is not so important for me, if a can pay my basics need i can be happy, the most important is to be happy whit what i do. the location is preferable in Santigo, i like this city, i   don´t think to get a job in another city.
i hope to meet all my expectatives!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

hello, today i'm going to write about the environment. in  the last years, the people in Chile are more committed whit protect the environment, the policies for the environment concern to all, because the world need protection for the nature.In the television exist programs about the environment, how we can save him from the effect of the global warm. In the school the professors teach to students how they can recycle, there are also different types dumpsters for garbage.
In my house we have a compost in my garden, all the vegetables go to the compost after to eat the good part of them. The papers we didn't use, my mom sent to recycle, and also the bottles.
I don`t use the car or bike, sometimes i use my legs, or the public transport, i like to use the bus, because i can read or sleep.
i'm not joined to any eco-organisations, because i don´t have time, and frankly, i don't know much about this organisations.
for the environment, i like to learn more about how we can save the world of the global warm, also to we can teach in the school about the recycle.
I don´t use car when i can walk, because the cars pollute much, i smoke a lot,  but i want to give it up, because the cigarettes pollute so much.
In our society is very important to learn a care more about the environment for we can live in a world more clean.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

today i'm going to write about sports.
when i was a child, i play tennis, in this time i was 13 years old.
i always admire to Fernando Gonzales, the best player of tennis in chile, they was a example  for me.
whit my family always look the games of tennis and soccer, my brothers love see the games of the universidad de chile, this is a soccer team of the chilean championship, all my family are fans of this soccer team.

In this time of summer, i go to the gym sometimes, i go to a step class with a friend of the university. this class is very good, because is healthy por the body and serves to tighten the body. the problem of going to step class, is that the next day my body is really sore, my muscles are very resentful whit the physical training.

In my free time in the university, i like to play ping pong, i really enjoy this, because i'm good for this sport. In chile the people play ping pong, but is always like a hobby. In other countrys this is sport very important, and the competences are followed by many peoples.

good bye

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I going to talk about the my best holidays
It was a beach close to the city Copiapo. I was there whit my family, and the family of my aunt. We slept in tents, during one month (this is the time we were in this beach camping).This travel was when I have 15 years old; I met beautiful beaches, and different ports.
In the night, the sky was amazing; we could see many stars and the different constellations.
We ate a lots of fish, because close where we stay, were a place where we could fish.
In these vacations, we could rest too much; the place was vey quiet and relaxing. We saw a foxes during the stay, but we couldn´t touch him.
One of the problems that we had was the warm, during of the day, the sun was insufferable, and for that we sleep in the tents the most part of the afternoon. When we returned to Santiago, all of us were fatter, because we ate all day, or we slept,
I recommend do this place for going in the holidays, because one learn too much of the life away of the city, this experience was fantastic; I think that maybe I grow up when during my stay in the camping.
This place is beautiful and fantastic for you can visit him.

I would like to go to Greece, because this country is very important for the history also, is beautiful and very interesting for all the culture. the greek culture is very old, until today the mitology of the greek's is very famous and taught in schools.

Greece has to many different places for know, and the food is very delicious and original. The greek art is very old, the most part of them is from the Ancient Greece.
i like to go Grecce beacuse i love the culture greek, and i feel that all the places have their history. the birht of so many things come to the ancient greece, for example, the democracy was created for the greek in the ancient.

i like to study so much in greece, i think in this place i can learn so much about the life and the history of greece, also i can know different things like the art and the sculptures.
i hope go greece during my life, this is a dream I've always had.