Thursday, November 8, 2012

today i'm going to write about sports.
when i was a child, i play tennis, in this time i was 13 years old.
i always admire to Fernando Gonzales, the best player of tennis in chile, they was a example  for me.
whit my family always look the games of tennis and soccer, my brothers love see the games of the universidad de chile, this is a soccer team of the chilean championship, all my family are fans of this soccer team.

In this time of summer, i go to the gym sometimes, i go to a step class with a friend of the university. this class is very good, because is healthy por the body and serves to tighten the body. the problem of going to step class, is that the next day my body is really sore, my muscles are very resentful whit the physical training.

In my free time in the university, i like to play ping pong, i really enjoy this, because i'm good for this sport. In chile the people play ping pong, but is always like a hobby. In other countrys this is sport very important, and the competences are followed by many peoples.

good bye


  1. I admire to Fernando Gonzàlez too and I like so much the soccer and tennis.

  2. I love the tennis. I always watch tennis on TV.

  3. We have a national team of table tennis, and it's an important sport too, like everyone else. Is a shame that the chileans only take care about soccer.