Thursday, April 26, 2012

My favorite peace of technology

today i'm going write about my favorite piece of technology.
this is the laptop.
I got it two years ago, my family gift to my for my birthday.
i use the laptop every day, because i see my mail and Facebook's page always.
sometimes i use the laptop  for do works, also i use for read news and books.
i like it because is very useful for so many things, for example i like to see movies and series in internet, it`s very interesting, also i can chat whit my friends, because a don`t see in person the most part of them
If i don`t have the laptop i would have so many time free, because when i'm bored i use the laptop, also i would have trouble for doing the works of the university.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

hi! today i gone to write about my favorite singer
the name of the singer is James Blunt. He was born in England and he started singing in 2005.
the type of music that he play`s is a little romantic mixed whit rock. the many of he`s song talk about love because he is a very romantic man
I like this singer because he`s music is very beautiful and quiet. he`s voice is very deep and he sing whit real feeling.
my favorite song of James Blunt is the same mistake because the letter is so beautiful and moving. this letter says things very important of the love, for that many people can feel represented for this song.
i hope you can listen James Blunt he can like you so much.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my autobiography

hello! my name is Sofía, I `m twenty years old. I study public administration at universidad de chile. I live in santiago de chile in peñalolen. My family is very big, i have six brothers and one sister. I live whit my grandmother too, for that my house is bigger. I like the read interesting books of novels and adventures in my time free. I love the music especially the group Coldplay and James Blunt.
I participate of the politic group, that name is nueva izquiera universitaria. this is very important to my because i thing this is the way of change the country for something better.
I`m a person very restless and that`s for my difficult to concentrate. i like to know and talk whit different people because is interesting to learn about the human nature.
i love travelling for chile because my country is very beautiful and interesting.
i don`t know so much about english, it is very difficult for me to practice,  i`d like learn more.

I hope you continue reading my blog!