Thursday, November 22, 2012

hello, today i'm going to write about the environment. in  the last years, the people in Chile are more committed whit protect the environment, the policies for the environment concern to all, because the world need protection for the nature.In the television exist programs about the environment, how we can save him from the effect of the global warm. In the school the professors teach to students how they can recycle, there are also different types dumpsters for garbage.
In my house we have a compost in my garden, all the vegetables go to the compost after to eat the good part of them. The papers we didn't use, my mom sent to recycle, and also the bottles.
I don`t use the car or bike, sometimes i use my legs, or the public transport, i like to use the bus, because i can read or sleep.
i'm not joined to any eco-organisations, because i don´t have time, and frankly, i don't know much about this organisations.
for the environment, i like to learn more about how we can save the world of the global warm, also to we can teach in the school about the recycle.
I don´t use car when i can walk, because the cars pollute much, i smoke a lot,  but i want to give it up, because the cigarettes pollute so much.
In our society is very important to learn a care more about the environment for we can live in a world more clean.

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  1. I agree with your last sentence. The world reflects our responsibility.