Thursday, November 29, 2012

today i going to write about my future job.
I study public administration, i'm thinking of taking a major in science politics, becuase i like the politics, i want to learn about the political processes, both in Chile and in the world. in my career, i can chose between science politics or public management, the most part of the student prefer public management, becuase is more easy get a job in the future. In my opinion is more interesting the science politics, but i know that maybe  is harder when i need to get a job, but i hope my plans can be.
I hope to get a job in a ong of education, or maybe i can work in a foundation for help people to need more resources. if a don´t have any of this job, i can work in a hairdressing, because before  to study public administration, i I worked in a hair salon, becuase i love cutting hair and do hairstyles.
when i need chose a job, is important the component human of the people to work with me, I would be in a pleasant environment, because this is important for get a best job. also to the most  important of my future job is the social part, i like to help people in troubles or who are unable to study.
the salary is not so important for me, if a can pay my basics need i can be happy, the most important is to be happy whit what i do. the location is preferable in Santigo, i like this city, i   don´t think to get a job in another city.
i hope to meet all my expectatives!

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  1. The infiltradis! I like help to the people too and I think a ONG is perfect for work. Greetings!