Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I would like to go to Greece, because this country is very important for the history also, is beautiful and very interesting for all the culture. the greek culture is very old, until today the mitology of the greek's is very famous and taught in schools.

Greece has to many different places for know, and the food is very delicious and original. The greek art is very old, the most part of them is from the Ancient Greece.
i like to go Grecce beacuse i love the culture greek, and i feel that all the places have their history. the birht of so many things come to the ancient greece, for example, the democracy was created for the greek in the ancient.

i like to study so much in greece, i think in this place i can learn so much about the life and the history of greece, also i can know different things like the art and the sculptures.
i hope go greece during my life, this is a dream I've always had.

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