Tuesday, December 4, 2012

post 10

this is my last post from the english class, today i going to write about  the experience of the write in this blog for the class.
i think is very important to learn english in the university, because in the last years, this language has become in something necessary for the better development of the Technical of work. the people who knows the english language has a better opportunities of get  a job better paid, becuase the globalization need a common language.
Use the blogs for write thinks is necesary for the learning process, the written part is useful for when you need send mails to people who live in other countrys. 
I like to listen music in english, and i love see in te laptop, series of  United States i learn a lot of  english language watching this series.
For me, the most difficult part of study english is the pronunciation, when i try talk in english is hardly enounce the words correctly, for the other peoples is difficult to understand me. i think is important practice to talk in english always i can, this is the best way to improve my lack in the english class.
when i see the series is important to me trying doing without the subtitle, because i need to focus my mind in understanding the conversations of the characters. Also, i like to listen music in english,  i like artist like James Blunt, Rihanna, and groups like coldplay or oasis. When i  listen the music, if i don´t understand the letter of the songs, i like to find out in internet what is the meaning of the letter

In my future, i like to study more the english language, because i thinks that maybe i'm gonna need to know the lenguage very well, specially if a want to travel for the world.

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