Thursday, May 31, 2012

today i going to write about the politics in chile.
this topic recently is very comment, becuase this year are the elections for mayor and councilor in the country.
to much people seid they dosn´t believe in the politician, becuase they are "thieves" and they dosen´t worry about the  troubles of the citizen.
in chile there are many political parties to different tendencies, for example la concertación, partido comunista, renovación nacional, and so on.
the last presidente who was elected is Sebastián piñera, he belonged to renovación nacional, the tendencie of this political parties is right wing and they work whit the udi ( unión demócrata independiente).
during to 20 years before sebastán piñera the presidents belonged to the concertación, this political parties is more the left wing, but the people dosen´t believe to them.
for the next elections for president,  the political scence is very complicated, because la concertacion want win the elections too much, but they are very discrediteds.
renovación nacional and the udi also to win the elections, for that the elections will be very tought fight.

good bye

Thursday, May 24, 2012

today i going to write about my favorite picture.
this picture was took for Daniela, she was my best friend from the school whit she i shared moments very important and beautiful.  she was my confidet all the years i was in the school.
the picture shows my classmate and my head teacher.
it was taken in november 20, 2009 in the gym of my school. this day was my last day of class in the school Carmela Carvajal de Prat. my class was very special, because the mos part of them were girls whit many talents artistic
i like this picture because this day ends all the time i pass study to enter university. also they show friends which were with me in the diferent moments from my stage in the school. they are very important to me because i think they will be my friends all my life.
good bye!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

today i`m going write about the culture in chile.
this is a very important topic, becuase is very important for de education of the people the culture.
in chile this is a minor topic, it hasn`t been given the importants it deserves.
the culture is very important for the development of the children, because the culture give to people more reason for learn about to much different topics
the culture give a different entertaiment, like as the theater, the music, the movies, the books.
the most importan things we give as the culture are the books, they teach to much about the life, for that i thing the most part of people should be read, becuase this is important for we can understand the important of the human.
the goverment of chile should be  worry more of give the people the opportunities for they can free acesses to different types the culture.